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Indonesian Youth in the 21st Century Report

Tulodo’s Nick Goodwin and Irma Martam led the research for this report, ‘Indonesian Youth in the 21st Century’. The report was commissioned by UNFPA through the UN Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development (IANYD) and in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports. It covers a broad range of policies and issues that have become the main concerns of youth networks operating in Indonesia. The report highlights existing youth programs, partnerships and priorities in Indonesia, including the challenges faced and recommendations for future directions. It also provides suggestions for further interventions related to youth at the national level.
According to UNFPA, there are 65 million young people in Indonesia, and many still lack information about the decisions that affect their lives. Young people in Indonesia, particularly those living in poverty, are not given adequate opportunities to participate in the development of policies and programmes that affect them. The transition from childhood to the realm of adult responsibilities is a critical stage in life. Effective policies and programmes for adolescents and youth are key to Indonesia’s long-term development.

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