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Here is some of our current and recent work for government, NGO, university and business organizations. We’re helping them to solve health, governance, education, technology, conservation, human rights, microfinance and sanitation problems.


Grand Challenges Canada is dedicated to supporting Bold Ideas with Big Impact®. Funded by the Government of Canada and other partners, Grand Challenges Canada supports innovators in low- and middle-income countries and Canada. The bold ideas Grand Challenges Canada supports integrate science and technology, social and business innovation – known as Integrated Innovation®.

Tulodo Indonesia get support from Grand Challenges Canada to launch the Dolpin project, a family-based health and relationship teaching kit for urban poor children in Indonesia. Dolpin (Dolanan Pintar = “Smart Games”) is aimed at families with children aged 5-9 years, bringing health and relationship education to the home that can be delivered by parents as easily as bedtime storytelling. Dolpin has the potential to help address health, safety and other social issues that help protect children as the future prosperity of the nation.


Here is some of our current and recent work for government, NGO, university and business organizations. We’re helping them to solve health, governance, education, technology, conservation, human rights, microfinance and sanitation problems. 


Tulodo and AECOM have been appointed by SYSTEMIQ to conduct a mid-term evaluation of Project STOP in Indonesia. Project STOP is a city partnership initiative to accelerate waste management solutions in Indonesia, working with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Project STOP partners with the local government authority to enable a transition in the waste management system (over an estimated 2-3 years), to a “zero leakage” system where all waste is collected and recycled or safely disposed. The mid-term evaluation is expected to provide evidence on the strengths and weaknesses of the program as well as recommendations that enable SYSTEMIQ to further improve support to its beneficiaries.

Road SafetySave the Children

Tulodo is appointed by Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik – Save The Children to support them gain deeper understanding related motorcycle user and pedestrian behaviours in Tasikmalaya. Tulodo  conducted a rapid assessment to analyze barrier to enforcement of road safety and helmet laws in Tasikmalaya with in-depth interviews with Transportation Agency and Sub Regional Police of Tasikmalaya City from top management to staff level and parents to explore their perspective and opinion regarding helmet use and pedestrian behavior.

Child Protection UNICEF

Tulodo appointed by UNICEF Indonesia to to support their work to help children affected by disasters in Lombok and Palu. Tulodo will develop an entertainment-education behavior change communication campaign. The program designed to both entertain and educate, by incorporating health and social issues into powerful storytelling used as a catalyst for behavior change. The method is considered one of the most effective creative approaches to improve health and social impact because it involves the target audience as part of the movement in a fun and non-intimidating way.

Child Marriage – UNICEF

Tulodo appointed by UNICEF Indonesia to support implementation of a program to prevent child marriage and improve menstrual hygiene management. Tulodo is supporting UNICEF to conduct formative research and baseline study in Bone, South Sulawesi, including assessment and mapping of existing materials and programs. Tulodo is also support UNICEF and partners to develop a theory of change, monitoring and evaluation framework, and Behavior Change Communication strategy, and communication materials for implementation of BERANI program in Bone, South Sulawesi.

Timor Leste Management of Protected Area – Conservation International

Tulodo was appointed by Conservation International to support their work on the effective management of protected areas in Timor-Leste.  Tulodo is supporting CI with communication planning and the development of communication materials to engage key stakeholders (e.g., decision makers at national and district level, communities and national and district level, and international audiences).

Market Linkages – KOMPAK

Tulodo was appointed by the Australian Government-funded KOMPAK program to implement a micro-marketing service pilot. This service will help improve small businesses and the market-orientation of community-based livelihoods actors in Pacitan and North Lombok. Tulodo developed and executed a marketing plan, consisting of materials, tools and training.

Youth Health Services Rutgers-WPF

Tulodo has been tasked by Rutgers to review youth friendly health services in five regions of Indonesia – Lampung, West Java, Jakarta, Denpasar and West Lombok.

Partnership for Human Development (Australia Timor-Leste)

The Partnership for Human Development (PHD) represents Australia’s long-term vision for enhancing human development in Timor-Leste over the next decade. Tulodo provides technical advice and program input on behaviour change across the portfolio of projects. Major contributions include the research and creation of the Moris Moos sanitation brand for access to improved toilet and sanitation practices.

Tulodo is also undertaking the formative research for the Hamutuk multi-sector Nutrition Program. We also work with PHD and local NGO, Ba Futuru, on the reducing gender based violence through the edutainment film series, Domin Nakloke.

Reproductive Health Project – UNFPA – UNALA

We provided advice and led the evaluation focused on documenting lessons learned and good practices of Unala, a sexual and reproductive health services pilot project in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The report provided recommendations for the sustainability of Unala and strategies to advocate for private sector and government support.

Scholarship Tracer Study Communications Australia Awards Indonesia & Coffey

We provided strategy and communications assistance to improve partner and stakeholder engagement with the AAI program’s tracer study on the impact of Australia’s scholarship program in Indonesia. This includes analysis of the tracer study data, consultation with key stakeholders and development of a communications strategy. 

As part of Indonesia’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and World Bank Clean Stove Initiative (CSI), Tulodo partnered with Kopernik to market cleaner cookstoves to poor households in Central Java.

Philantropic Flow – DFAT

Study on Philanthropic Flows in the Asia Pacific: Tulodo was commissioned to research and produce a report on the financial flows and programs of philanthropic actors in the Asia Pacific region. This includes a literature review, field visits, mapping potential partners, developing a scorecard of partnership effectiveness and producing case studies.

#IDWomen4Energy Advocacy Campaign – KOPERNIK

Tulodo worked with Prodigy PR to produce the #IDWomen4Energy advocacy campaign on sustainable energy access in Indonesia, commissioned by Kopernik. The campaign engaged Indonesian consumers to change their behaviors and increase participation on issues relating to sustainable energy. We also advocated for gender to be incorporated in energy policies and expanded energy access for the poor, as part of the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) agenda.

Behaviour Change Study on Clean Cooking Effectiveness – DFID

Behaviour Change Study on Clean Cooking Effectiveness: Tulodo led the team to research and produce a report on the effectiveness of behavior change interventions on clean cooking globally, including cost effectiveness analysis and case studies. Study consortium partners are HED Consulting, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and Duke University.

Indonesian Youth in the 21st Century Mapping – UNFPA

Tulodo’s role was to research and produce a report that mapped social and behavior change programs focused on youth throughout Indonesia. Tulodo led consultations with UN, government and donor agencies, as well as NGOs, private sector and youth to identify priorities for the future. We also provided recommendations to support the Government of Indonesia’s National Youth Strategy 2014-19.

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