Tulodo provides consulting and project management services, specializing in social and behavior change. These services include:

Research: to understand consumers and beneficiaries we provide the full range of research services – quantitative, qualitative and mixed method.

Strategy: we can develop a results-focused and evidence based strategy for your organization, project or campaign.

Design and development: we can assist with design of projects and campaigns, from stakeholder consultations to development of creative materials.

Incubation, experimentation and prototyping: we can assess, build, create, deliver and evaluate services and products to achieve social and financial impact.

Management of projects and campaigns: our team of experienced managers can manage all aspects of implementation and execution.

Capacity building, staff development, coaching and training: we have the tools and expertise to help your team develop its capability.

Marketing and communications: we can assist in the design and execution of marketing and communications campaigns, materials and products.

Evaluation of programs, campaigns and materials: we have the methodologies and skills to undertake evaluations and testing at every stage of a project.

Fundraising, including proposals and partnerships: we can help your organization find the resources you need and grow through fundraising and partnerships.

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