Tulodo enables organizations to maximize their resources and impact. The Tulodo approach is to achieve outstanding results while building sustainable capabilities by working in close collaboration with partners and clients.

We differentiate ourselves by using the latest research, technologies and local experience – thanks to our team’s networks and appointments with leading universities, local NGOs, international agencies, government and the private sector. More on how we do that can be found here.

The name, ‘Tulodo’, means “example”, “model” or “ideal” in Javanese. It is inspired by the teachings of Ki Hajar Dewantara, Indonesia’s education pioneer and the first Minister for Education. His ideas, based on aspects of Javanese philosophy, focused on freeing people from ignorance through education. This included:

Ing ngarso sung tulodo — Setting an example from in front

Ing madyo mangun karso — Inspiring from being among the people

Tut wuri handayani — Acting as a guide from behind

Organizations all over the world strive to make an impact on a variety of social issues, yet some fall short of expectations despite a significant investment of resources. Others with limited resources face the challenge of choices between strengthening institutions, improving service delivery, creating demand or building capacity. The good news is that there are proven social and behavior change approaches to help improve impact in all of these areas. Find out more through our Contact page.

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