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Tulodo awarded new UNFPA project: ‘Indonesian Youth in the 21st Century Mapping Project’

Tulodo’s Nicholas Goodwin and Irma Martam have been awarded a new UNFPA Indonesia project, ‘Indonesian Youth in the 21st Century Mapping Project’. Tulodo will research and produce a report that maps social and behavior change programs focused on youth throughout Indonesia. Tulodo will undertake consultations with UN, government and donor agencies, as well as NGOs, private sector and youth to identify priorities for the future. We will also provide recommendations to support the Government of Indonesia’s National Youth Strategy 2014-19. Tulodo’s Nicholas Goodwin said, “With an estimated 63 million Indonesians aged 15-24, the challenges and opportunities of the “youth dividend” are enormous. Tulodo is pleased to work with UNFPA and the Government of Indonesia on this important project.” 

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