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Corporate behaviour change: Greenpeace takes on Procter & Gamble over commitment to mothers

With all the discussion on nonprofit partnerships with the private sector, a Greenpeace campaign on Procter & Gamble reminds us that the corporation can also be the target of behaviour change campaigns. You may be familiar with P&G’s wildly popular video ‘’Thank You Mom’’, released for the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Greenpeace has released a provocative spoof, “Hidden Truth“. While P&G were advertising their support for mothers, the devastating Greenpeace video shows how deforestation is orphaning many orangutan in Indonesia.

According to Greenpeace, companies like P&G can be linked to the destruction of Indonesia’s rainforest to enable development of palm oil plantations. P&G buys palm oil to make personal care products like ‘Head n Shoulders’ shampoo. Destruction of their rainforest habitat in Indonesia endangers the orangutan. Indonesia loses forest at rate of more than nine Olympic swimming pools every minute with forest destruction for palm oil as the biggest driver. Greenpeace is pushing P&G to make a ‘No Deforestation’ commitment and to use only forest friendly palm oil. Both films use emotion to powerful effect, it’s up to the viewer to decide what action to take.

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