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Tulodo Appointed by Stop TB Partnership Indonesia (STPI) to Conduct Tuberculosis Campaign through Young People in Indonesia?

Tulodo is pleased to announce our appointment by Stop TB Partnership Indonesia (STPI) to conduct the Tuberculosis Campaign through Young People in Indonesia. The project will be implemented between January and July 2022, targeting young people (Gen Y and Gen Z) from 30 areas in West Java and Greater Jakarta. The overall objective for the project is to promote positive behavior in individuals and communities on tuberculosis (TB) issues, including encouraging those who have cough symptoms for over two weeks to carry out examinations at health services with diagnostic facilities; increasing public knowledge in the intervention areas (West Java and Greater Jakarta provinces) about TB-related health services during the pandemic through the development of media campaigns; and promoting public awareness of TB symptoms and TB diagnosis procedures in target areas through direct youth-led campaigns.

Tuberculosis is one of the health issues that still needs to be addressed in Indonesia. Indonesia is one of eight countries that account for two-thirds of TB cases worldwide. The Indonesian government seeks to reduce the incidence of TB in the population to 65 in 100,000 by 2030, from the current TB-related death rate of 6 in 100,000. One of the government’s commitments has been the issuing of Presidential Regulation Number 67 of 2021 about tuberculosis control. TB cases need to be reduced as low as possible so that it does not become a health problem.

As part of its efforts to eliminate TB, Stop TB Partnership Indonesia has carried out a series of health promotion activities that include conducting a TB campaign by empowering young people. This will encompass several main activities: situation analysis among young people on TB issues, development of behavior change communication materials, increasing young people capacity, and mobilizing young people to implement campaigns in communities from 30 areas across West Java and Greater Jakarta.

Activities will include the development of a behavior change communication (BCC) toolkit for youth consisting of animated videos, pocket books and pamphlets using a behavior-centered design (BCD) approach. In keeping with BCD principles, Tulodo will develop the communication materials using mixed method research and conduct consultation with the youth and stakeholders. Tulodo will also return to the youth community to test and further develop the toolkit and messaging. 

A series of capacity-building activities for young people will then be conducted to increase their knowledge on TB-related issues and usage of the communication materials. The youth participants will then be assigned to implement the BCC campaign on the communities around them. These activities will also be monitored and evaluated to produce lessons learned documents.

With this project, we hope that communities in West Java and Greater Jakarta will soon enjoy a healthier, TB-free life.

About STPI

STPI or Stop TB Partnership Indonesia is a partnership group concerned with tuberculosis. Initiated in 2013 as the Stop TB Partnership Indonesia Forum, in 2018 it became the Stop TB Partnership Indonesia following the establishment of the Indonesian Tuberculosis Strategic Partnership Foundation, a legal body that strengthened the organization’s activities. With a vision to create a tuberculosis-free Indonesia through strong partnerships. STPI’s mission is to support the government in achieving targets for national indicators that have been set with effective innovations in accordance with the potential and capacity of STPI; to encourage the harmonization of TB programs across sectors based on accountable, transparent governance, with measurable impacts; to encourage standardized TB services while increasing public awareness of TB and health services; to mobilize support, resources, and efforts from various stakeholders at national and international levels through a partnership scheme for TB control efforts in Indonesia; and to influence tuberculosis-related policy through advocacy to stakeholders. 

About Tulodo

Tulodo is a consulting, project management and incubation agency specializing in social and behavior change. We help partners and clients solve issues related to the environment, health, governance, education, technology, human rights, microfinance, water, safety and more. We provide services in research, strategy, design and development, management, capacity-building, marketing and communications, evaluation and fundraising.

Tulodo is a different kind of organization. We have the client service, focus on results and creativity of a marketing agency; we provide the expertise, research and capability development of a university; and we bring the social focus, community and passion of a non-profit organization. We’re as capable with mobile solutions, big data and user-centric design as we are with community mobilization, capacity-building and partnership. Tulodo has a presence in Indonesia, Australia and Timor-Leste, as well as partners throughout the Asia Pacific region and globally. We work with governments, communities, businesses, and non-profit, industry and multilateral organizations.



Editor: Ratnakanya Hadyani

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