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Empowering Youth Against Tobacco: The TikTok and Reels Video Challenge 2023

Tulodo Indonesia extends its appreciation to all participants, including representatives from the government, academia, and NGOs, who attended the Advisory Group Meeting on Teen Tobacco Control Research held on June 15-16, 2023, in Jakarta. During the event, partners shared insights on collaborative opportunities with Tulodo Indonesia, particularly in activities related to youth tobacco prevention.
Building on these opportunities, Tulodo Indonesia organized a collaborative initiative to celebrate National Children’s Day and Indonesia’s Independence Day 2023. A TikTok and Reels Video Challenge for young people aged 13-19 was launched nationwide, with the theme “Why I Choose Not to Smoke.”

Participating students were tasked with creating videos, up to two minutes in length, explaining their reasons for not smoking. The competition featured two categories: one for participants aged 13-15 and another for those aged 16-19. The competition took place from July 17 to August 10, 2023, with winners announced on August 17, 2023.

The decision to conduct a video competition was informed by the positive response received during the Advisory Group Meeting’s premiere of ethnographic and voice videos created by secondary school students in Jakarta as part of Tulodo Indonesia’s research.

Beyond fostering creativity in video creation, the competition aimed to amplify messages that motivate young people to steer clear of tobacco in their daily lives. Collaborative partners for this initiative included LPAI (Indonesian Child Protection Agency), IYCTC (Indonesian Youth Council for Tactical Changes), Lentera Anak, FAKTA (Citizen Forum), MTCC/STEPS, UNICEF, and NCTC (National Committee on Tobacco Control): anti-smoking advocates.

Videos Submitted by Participants using the Hashtag #TulodoVideoChallenge

A total of 130 video entries were received, and Tulodo’s internal team selected the top 15 entries in each category. The Jury Panel, consisting of representatives from Tulodo and community partners including Komnas PT, Lentera Anak, IYCTC, MTCC/STEPS, FAKTA, LPAI, and UNICEF, evaluated 30 videos (15 from each category) and selected four winners for each category.

There are 8 winners in this competition, with 4 winners in each category. The winners come from various provinces in Indonesia:

1. Dwita Ameliya Rahman Sapoetri (WEST JAVA)

2. Bintang Aurel Al Ghazally (BENGKULU)

3. Rebecca Malvaroza (SOUTH SUMATRA)


5. Kevinnur Basyir (CENTRAL JAVA)

6. Ni Putu Devy Prema Jayanti (BALI)

7. Amanda Dewi Maharani (YOGYAKARTA)

8. I PutuHarrys Putra (BALI)

The winners submitted highly inspiring and creative videos. Their reasons for not smoking were deeply personal and touching, such as wanting to protect their loved ones, prioritizing their health, and learning from past experiences where smoking took the lives of their dearest. They presented their messages in various captivating ways, including mini vlogs, animations, and short films.

This initiative underscores Tulodo Indonesia’s commitment to collaboration and youth engagement in promoting a tobacco-free future.

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