Tulodo’s people are curious problem-solvers with integrity who make us a unique organization. Our team has the client service, results focus and creativity of a marketing agency. We provide the expertise, research and capability development of a university. And we bring the social focus, community and passion of a non-profit organization.

Nicholas Goodwin

Director and Founder


Nick is Director and Founder of Tulodo. He has over 20 years’ experience working with government, business, university, nonprofit and multilateral organizations. Nick is passionate about people centered solutions and creative partnerships. He has managed and advised multi-million dollar programs and teams focused on health, sanitation, governance and energy issues throughout the Asia Pacific and Australia, as well as in Africa and the Americas. He is also Research Associate in the School of Public Health at the University of Sydney, where his research interests include sanitation, clean cookstoves, behaviour change and marketing. Nick has a PhD (University of Sydney) in behavior change, MBA (Deakin), Bachelor of Asian Studies (ANU), and he studied at Indonesia’s Universitas Gadjah Mada.

Heribertus Rinto Wibowo

Research Specialist

heriHeri is Research Specialist for Tulodo. He has a background in health sciences and customer service, with a strength in quantitative data analysis. He is passionate about the science of health promotion, with research interests in tobacco control and nutrition. He participated in the AIESEC Global Passport Program in Vietnam and helped organize community projects in Perth through the John Curtin Weekend Program. Prior to Tulodo, he worked as a tutorial teacher at Sanata Dharma University and in customer service for Nutrifood.  He completed a Master of Public Health at Curtin University, Western Australia and has a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy.


Ati Andayani

Administration and Finance Manager

Ati2Ati is the Administration and Finance Manager for Tulodo. She has a background in finance and banking, including with major consumer and commercial firms in Indonesia and globally. Ati is passionate about numbers and making them work for social and behavior change. She received her masters degree with distinction in International Banking and Finance from the University of Salford, UK. Ati travels overseas to participate in international forums, training, workshops and volunteering. She is currently completing an advanced accounting qualification and maintains a keen interest in banking and finance research.


Ratnakanya Hadyani

Communication Officer

kanyaKanya is the Communication and Design Officer for Tulodo. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Gadjah Mada University. She has a passion for community service and recently served in Papua, where she taught art to indigenous kids. Kanya enjoys working towards social change, particularly in the area of conservation and climate change. Her specialization as a graphic designer/illustrator has enabled her to work on many aspects of nonprofit projects and campaigns. Kanya is also active working as an volunteer for some NGOs as an illustrator, as well as Ambassador for a youth organization. Together with an inspiring group of people, she works to promote the relevance of issues such as education through youth empowerment.

Ade Ayu Kartika

Community Engagement Officer

ade-ayu.pngAde Ayu is the Community Engagement Officer at Tulodo. She graduated from Communication Studies – Diponegoro University. Ade is passionate about social behavior change and believes that education and youth sectors play significant role to make a better future. This drives her to initiate a social education program in her hometown,  Purwokerto and joined several volunteering activities. Prior to Tulodo, Ade was an education facilitator placed in remote areas, where she collaborated with youth communities and local government to make school and learning experience more fun and progressive. She is also experienced working in several Corporate Society Responsibility Projects as Program Facilitator and Assistant Project Leader.

Places where you can find her is in the bookshops or libraries – since she loves reading books. What she enjoys the most is having conversation – since she is a great listener to people’s stories, especially when people sharing about what they are passionate about.