Tulodo’s people are curious problem-solvers with integrity who make us a unique organization. Our team has the client service, results focus and creativity of a marketing agency. We provide the expertise, research and capability development of a university. And we bring the social focus, community and passion of a non-profit organization.

Yulida Pangastuti

President Director

Yulida headshotYulida is President Director of Tulodo, where she leads the organization and specializes in policy, education, early childhood development, capacity building, women’s care labour, youth development, evaluation, and qualitative inquiries. Yulida has 20 years of working in the development sector with universities, governments, non-governmental, inter-governmental and multilateral organizations. In 2020, Yulida assisted UNFPA and Indonesia’s major social ministries in the development of a national action plan for improving adolescent health and wellbeing (2021-2025). Also in 2020, she was appointed as principal investigator for a school principals’ leadership study with the Ministry of Education and Culture. Internationally, Yulida led the development of ASEAN’s work plan on education 2021-25, supporting member states, and engaging global and regional organizations. In 2015, Yulida became an adviser for the child-friendly city program with the City Council of Bath, UK. Yulida’s qualifications include her PhD in education (University of Auckland), Master of Social Sciences (National University of Singapore), Post-Graduate Diploma in Governance, Democratization, and Public Policy (Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam), and Undergraduate degree in International Relations (Universitas Indonesia).

Heribertus Rinto Wibowo

Deputy Director

heriHeri is Deputy Director for Tulodo, where he manages projects, research, business development and partnerships. He has a background in health sciences and customer service, with a strength in quantitative data analysis. He is passionate about the science of health promotion, with research interests in tobacco control and nutrition. He participated in the AIESEC Global Passport Program in Vietnam and helped organize community projects in Perth through the John Curtin Weekend Program. Prior to Tulodo, he worked as a tutorial teacher at Sanata Dharma University and in customer service for Nutrifood.  He completed a Master of Public Health at Curtin University, Western Australia and has a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy.

Ratnakanya Hadyani

User Experience and Communication Officer

kanyaKanya is the User Experience and Communication Officer for Tulodo. Her responsibilities in Tulodo include developing data visualization to explain complex scientific research, to graphic design, content plans and creative materials. She also manages social media for communities. She enjoys developing tools for local communities, testing prototypes and conducting co-design research with local communities, where she integrates a human centered approach with designing for clients’ strategic needs and aspirations. Her specialization has been applied to produce toolkits for education, health and sanitation. She is passionate about blending creative and analytical thinking to simplify complex challenges, develop elegant solutions and craft powerful stories.

Muliani Ratnaningsih

Research Officer

20191004_084529Muliani is Research Officer at Tulodo. Muliani completed her masters and bachelor degrees in public health from Hasanuddin University in Makassar, focusing on epidemiology. Muliani has substantial experience with quantitative and qualitative data analysis. Muliani prefers quantitative research, utilizing various data analysis technologies. Muliani has undertaken research for various domestic and foreign donors. She particularly likes research which aims to meet the needs of children and adolescents in Indonesia. Several research interests of hers are child marriage, immunization, sexual and reproductive health, infectious diseases, and health policy.

Maman Saputra

Research Officer

Foto Maman 2Maman is a Research Associate in Tulodo. He has over five years of experience in public health research. In recent years, he researched the socio-economic risk of non-communicable diseases, stunting prevention through the socio-economic approach, COVID-19 policy response, and evaluates the COVID-19 quick handling guidelines from the government. Maman has academic and research passion, especially on one health and health economic issues, where he was learned from his education on Universitas Indonesia and Universitas Lambung Mangkurat Banjarmasin. He has appropriate skills in policy analysis, data management, and journal publication. Maman also led a non-profit organization, Edu-Kesmas, and Lakmus-IYMDS, that campaign the public and environmental health to the society directly and virtually through social media.

Baginda Muda Bangsa

Research Associate

Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 17.16.22

Bagin is a Research Associate in Tulodo Indonesia. In 2018, after getting his bachelor degree in International Relations from Universitas Indonesia, he became a Research Associate in Bank Indonesia Institute. Assisting the research on the impact of geopolitical disarray  to Indonesia economy. Since 2018 he is also active in developing his own social foundation, named Generasi Emas Indonesia, which focuses on providing relevant education for high school students in Indonesia. He believes that through providing relevant education, every youth can achieve their fullest potential. Besides focus on education, he is also focused on literacy issues. In early 2021, by collaborating with the local community in Banggai, Sulawesi Tengah, he initiated a virtual residency named Akademi Sastra Banggai for the youth in three districts (Banggai, Banggai Laut, and Banggai Kepulauan) who wanted to enhance their writing skill, especially on poem, short story, and essay. He has conviction that literature is a gate to strengthen Indonesia’s literacy climate.

Raja Nathania Olga Letticia

Research Associate


Olga graduated from Universitas Indonesia majoring in International Relations. Throughout college she is passionate in the issues of security studies, and peace and conflict. Prior to Tulodo, she has worked in the development sectors, as well as academic research in the same issues. Olga believed that in order to promote peace, social and behavioral change is needed in the society, to avoid segmentation that can further conflicts. Olga also takes interest in gender issues, especially regarding women in peace and security. She believed that to protect a country, you must start with giving women equal access to education. To quote Michelle Obama, “When girls are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous.”

Dwi Wahyuni

Senior Finance Officer


Yuni is the Senior Finance Officer for Tulodo. She graduated from the economic studies program at Trisakti School of Management. Yuni is passionate about social and behavior change and has a passion for community development projects. Yuni is constantly involved in social projects, particularly in the area of literature, as she wants to help and motivate children to read. She believes children are a national asset and together we must protect and provide a good education. Prior to Tulodo, she worked as a finance officer at Warung Pintar.

Ajrina Zienitta Bakhri

Accounting Officer

RirinAjrina is an Accounting Officer for Tulodo. Before working with Tulodo, she has an experience with public accountant firm as an auditor and handling a lot of clients for audit efficiency. Ajrina has a strong accounting professional with a Bachelor’s degree focused in Accounting from Perbanas Institute. Ajrina is passionate about human behavior and social issues. Being part of Tulodo, she believed she could work in an environment which encourages her to grow professionally where she can utilize her skill and knowledge appropriately.