• Tulodo Appointed by USAID’S MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership (MCGL) to Undertake a Nurturing Care Case StudyThrough Public Health Delivery Platforms in Manggarai Barat, NTT
    “A good start in life will ensure a sustainable future for all” – The Lancet The above quote fits the narrative of how children are the most valuable asset a nation can have – that a good start in the lives of children will decide the future for everyone. Therefore, in order to protect and … Read more
  • Finding research treasures at the toy market
    It was a Monday morning and our Dolpin team were ready to go to Pasar Asemka, a toy market located near Kota Tua (Old City) in West Jakarta. Dolpin (Dolanan Pintar = “Smart Games”) is aimed at families with children aged 5-9 years, bringing health and relationship education to the home that can be delivered by parents as easily as bedtime storytelling (Learn more: link). Our plan at Asemka Market was to conduct interviews and observations with merchants …Continue reading Finding research treasures at the toy market
  • The Clean Life for Timor-Leste
    The issue of poo is never far from the minds of new parents – what mess was made and who bore the brunt.Continue reading The Clean Life for Timor-Leste
  • Connecting the dots to transform the world: find out how companies accelerate sustainable development and grow their business
    At Tulodo we are often asked what role the private sector should play in addressing social issues and achieving sustainable development. It’s been only a year and a half since the United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – a set of targets to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all. For the SDGs, which replaced the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), there are 17 ambitious goals to transform the world and each has specific targets to be achieved by 2030.Continue reading Connecting the dots to transform the world: find out how companies accelerate sustainable development and grow their business
  • Which type of funding is right for you? An important decision for social entrepreneurs
    Social entrepreneurs, especially those of you with a brilliant idea ready to go, will likely soon wonder where to find the money to pay for it. Choosing the type of funding is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. When attending the 2016 Sankalp Summit in Jakarta (link), I found that there were three types of funding most often being discussed: debt, equity, and grants. So let’s take a closer look at each of them and discuss which one might be right for you.Continue reading Which type of funding is right for you? An important decision for social entrepreneurs
  • The Zika virus: is there a silver lining to our fear?
    Zika, the mosquito-borne virus, has been declared an international health emergency by the WHO. The international agency reports tremendous healthcare costs waiting ahead as the virus travels across continents and countries, seemingly unstoppable. We can imagine the grown-up babies who are suffering from microcephaly – strongly linked with the Zika virus. It will be a hard life for them and their carers because microcephaly has been linked with problems such as developmental delays, intellectual disability, hearing loss, vision problems, and it can be life-threatening. But even this tragedy may have a silver lining.Continue reading The Zika virus: is there a silver lining to our fear?
  • Kenaikan harga belum cukup hilangkan bau rokok di baju bangsa Indonesia
    Ganda bulutangkis Indonesia berhasil mengharumkan nama bangsa dengan membawa pulang medali emas dari Olimpiade Rio. Akan tetapi harum tersebut sedikit berbau rokok, karena salah satu sponsor utama adalah perusahaan tembakau. Kecanduan Indonesia terhadap rokok telah menjangkau seluruh lapisan masyarakat. Di sini kita membahas solusinya.Continue reading Kenaikan harga belum cukup hilangkan bau rokok di baju bangsa Indonesia
  • Happy 17 August! Is Indonesia’s Mental Revolution under control?
    Tomorrow Indonesia celebrates 71 years of independence, during which time its citizens have enjoyed many freedoms. Every year, as the nation prepares to celebrate its birth, many question the health of its political, social and community life. There are those who lament the changing social and cultural norms that appear to undermine traditional community values, citing everything from Pokemon Go obsession to the rise in teenage pregnancies as proof of a deterioration in the national spirit. To address this, the government has responded with a ‘Mental Revolution’ campaign, urging change not just in attitude or behavior, but in the values that underpin society. But can it work?Continue reading Happy 17 August! Is Indonesia’s Mental Revolution under control?
  • Amnesti Pajak: Kamu bangga atau takut?
    Banyak orang yang tidak tertarik membahas pajak, namun ini penting karena tanpa uang pajak, negara tidak bisa melaksanakan program pembangunan. Setiap hari kita temukan pembahasan mengenai program amnesti pajak (tax amnesty), entah itu dalam berita televisi, kolom ekonomi atau melalui status media sosial. Namun belum jelas seberapa efektif peran pemerintah untuk menyukseskan program amnesti pajak ini, khususnya jika kita lihat alasan seseorang mau mengubah perilakunya.Continue reading Amnesti Pajak: Kamu bangga atau takut?
  • Pokemon Go Penyelamat Kehidupan
    Satu bulan sudah Pokemon Go beredar di masyarakat, namun antusiasmenya tidak kunjung reda. Orang tua, para guru, bos-bos, tidak pernah menyangka akan ada sebuah permainan yang mampu mengubah kehidupan manusia. Anak-anak yang biasanya bermain gadget di sofa ruang tengah, sekarang menjadi lebih rajin mengelilingi kompleks di sekitar rumah mereka. Para pelajar yang biasanya memilih untuk berdiam di perpustakaan atau kantin saat jam istirahat, sekarang menjadi lebih suka mengelilingi lapangan. Karyawan kantor yang biasanya hanya duduk dan bekerja di kubikel mereka, sekarang menjadi lebih suka bolak-balik ke lobi kantor. Semua mereka lakukan demi satu tujuan: berburu Pokemon.Continue reading Pokemon Go Penyelamat Kehidupan
  • How Indonesia can create a fantastic life without plastic
    It might be hard for us to dream of a world without plastic. Life has become so convenient since its introduction. When we’re hungry, we can spontaneously buy food as we pass a supermarket or restaurant on our way home because there will be a plastic bag to help us. When we’re thirsty, we can pop into a mini market to buy a drink in a plastic bottle. Plastics, especially plastic bags, have become an integral part of modern life.Continue reading How Indonesia can create a fantastic life without plastic
  • Ada Apa dengan Hari Pertama Sekolah?
    Hari pertama masuk sekolah seringkali menjadi pengalaman yang mendebarkan. Entah itu perasaan takut karena akan bertemu dengan teman-teman baru, atau cemas karena memikirkan kegalakan guru yang mengajar. Ketika tiba tahun ajaran baru, pasti setiap orang akan mengalami hari pertamanya di sekolah, terlepas dari berapapun kelas mereka atau sepanjang apapun liburan yang mereka jalani sebelum masuk sekolah hari pertama. Akan tetapi, tahun 2016 menjadi tahun ajaran baru yang lebih istimewa daripada tahun-tahun sebelumnya di Indonesia. Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan (Kemendikbud) pada tahun ini memberikan perhatian khusus terhadap Hari Pertama Sekolah dengan melakukan kampanye #HariPertamaSekolah.Continue reading Ada Apa dengan Hari Pertama Sekolah?
  • Fasting and its impact on Indonesian eating habits: myth and reality
    The change in behavior during Ramadhan not only affects the way people spend their money. In Indonesia, as the country with the largest number of Muslims, Ramadhan is the time for families, friends and relatives to gather to break the fast together (in Indonesian it is called ‘Buka Bersama’ or ’BukBer’). So, of course, Ramadhan also changes eating habits. Nielsen conducted research in Indonesia in 2011 and found that during Ramadhan, Indonesians behave the same way as people in UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. They spend more on food.Continue reading Fasting and its impact on Indonesian eating habits: myth and reality
  • How successful are anti-rape campaigns?
    Once again, a rape case has become a trending topic. It is because of a provocative article posted by Buzzfeed News. This case involved Brock Turner, a Stanford University student, who sexually assaulted an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. The article was very influential among the netizens, as reviewed by Adweek. For every person who shared it, 12 more people saw it.Continue reading How successful are anti-rape campaigns?
  • Sudah Berhasilkah Kampanye Pemerkosaan?
    Isu pemerkosaan kembali menjadi sorotan publik dan kali ini disebabkan oleh sebuah artikel yang dipublikasi online oleh Buzzfeed News. Artikel tersebut mengulas tentang kasus pemerkosaan yang dilakukan oleh Brock Turner, seorang mahasiswa Stanford University terhadap seorang perempuan asing di belakang tempat pembuangan sampah. Sebagaimana yang dituliskan dalam Adweek, pengaruh dari artikel tersebut sangatlah kuat di … Read more
  • Australia to tax sugary drinks?
    A new study by Deakin University’s Gary Sacks and colleagues has calculated the impact on Australia of a tax on sugary drinks, similar to the one that will come into effect in the U.K. in 2018. In their article in The Conversation, Sacks says 25 years after the introduction of the tax in Australia, there would be … Read more
  • Social and behaviour change in Papua New Guinea
    Tulodo is in Port Moresby for a few days as part of its research project funded by Australia’s DFAT. So far we’ve had useful meetings and found an interesting variety of organisations working on social and behaviour change. Here is a selection of a few with some of their programs and initiatives: Susu Mamas: health services CPL Foundation: … Read more
  • Tulodo appointed to undertake study on philanthropy in the Asia Pacific region
    Tulodo has been appointed by Australia’s Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to undertake a research project on philanthropic flows in the Asia Pacific region.  Tulodo will research and produce a report on the financial flows and programs of philanthropic actors in the Asia Pacific region. This includes a literature review, field visits, mapping potential partners, developing … Read more
  • New report on use of behaviour change in clean cooking interventions for economic, health and environmental impact
    A new report (available below) from a team led by Tulodo’s Nick Goodwin has found promising evidence for the effectiveness of behaviour change approaches in clean cooking interventions. Despite decades of effort, around 2.8 billion people still rely on solid fuels to meet domestic energy needs. There is robust evidence this causes premature death, chronic disease as … Read more
  • Change agents make residents feel safer about dengue fever in the Philippines
    Research by Fe Espino at the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine on dengue prevention in the Philippines shows how community trust is vital to the success of behaviour change programs. In 2010, the number of dengue cases in the Philippines rose from 37,101 in 2006 to 118,868. Dengue fever is caused by a virus transmitted by mosquitoes which are born in … Read more
  • Bangladesh launches largest ever measles and rubella vaccination campaign
    Bangladesh has held the country’s largest ever measles and rubella vaccination campaign, aiming to reach 52 million children aged 9 months to 15 years, according to a UNICEF report. The campaign has seen thousands of vaccinators and volunteers cover more than 170,000 schools and 150,000 immunisation centres over a three-week period. Dr. Purabi Ahmed, project manager … Read more
  • Tulodo leads new DFID project on clean cooking
    Tulodo’s Nicholas Goodwin and Sarah O’Farrell have recently been awarded a new project, working with the UK’s Dept. for International Development (DFID) on the ‘Behaviour Change Study on Clean Cooking Effectiveness.’ Nick leads the team to research and produce a report on the effectiveness of behavior change interventions on clean cooking globally, including cost effectiveness analysis and … Read more
  • Safer Journeys: NZ drug driving campaign
    The NZ Transport Agency has launched a new behavior change program to reduce the harm caused by drugged drivers. Safer Journeys aims to significantly reduce the incidence of drug-impaired driving, with fewer people losing their lives or suffering serious injuries. The same agency that brought us the highly acclaimed “Legend” campaign on drink driving, is now … Read more
  • Tulodo awarded new UNFPA project: ‘Indonesian Youth in the 21st Century Mapping Project’
    Tulodo’s Nicholas Goodwin and Irma Martam have been awarded a new UNFPA Indonesia project, ‘Indonesian Youth in the 21st Century Mapping Project’. Tulodo will research and produce a report that maps social and behavior change programs focused on youth throughout Indonesia. Tulodo will undertake consultations with UN, government and donor agencies, as well as NGOs, private … Read more
  • Minister Roy Suryo emphasises key challenges for Indonesia’s youth
    Indonesia’s Youth and Sports Minister, Roy Suryo, made a keynote speech in Jakarta at the recent Indonesian Diaspora Youth Forum, in which he spoke on the theme, ‘Youth Strategy: Challenges and Opportunities Towards 21st Century’. The Minister said that the two biggest challenges facing young people in Indonesia are business and information technology. The Minister … Read more
  • Australia’s National Preventive Health Research Strategy 2013-2018
    The Australian National Preventive Health Agency (ANPHA*) has released its National Preventive Health Research Strategy (2013-2018). The model for this strategy is focused on knowledge supported by four interconnected blocks: Research: to support decisions and practice Supportive Systems: policies, funding mechanisms, information sharing, coalitions and data Culture: changing beliefs and patterns of behaviour People: enhancing skills, … Read more
  • Welcome to Tulodo
    Communities around the world face an unprecedented combination of issues that threaten their social, economic and cultural wellbeing. At the same time, there has never been such an enormous variety of information, tools and evidence available to deal with these issues. Yet many organizations still struggle to make an impact on the communities they aim … Read more