Vaccine War in Indonesia


In August, Jokowi just announced the measles-rubella vaccination campaign. The aim of the campaign is to make Indonesia free from Measles and Rubella by 2020. This is a new movement from Jokowi’s government despite a lot of rumors about the use of vaccines are currently being questioned by many people.

People have been arguing about the pros and cons of the use of vaccines; that’s happen because some people believe that some vaccines contain pig gelatin substances. A lot of people (especially Muslim) hesitated for using the vaccine after hearing the rumor. Eight schools in Yogyakarta also refused to participate in immunization because of the fear of haram (violating their religious teachings). The situation is getting worse as there has been a rumor that MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia) againsts the use of vaccines.

However, Jokowi’s government fight back the rumors with their new program which focuses on controlling the spread of measles and rubella. The campaign itself is to remind parents to join this program, to ensure their participation

In this program and to encourage parents to trust the power of vaccines as the medicines that can protect their children’ health. Nila Moeloek (Minister of Health) has given a statement that the Measles-Rubella vaccines does not contain pork extract, so that parents do not have to worry about it.

The program will target children aged 9 months to 15 years to receive the Measles-Rubella vaccine injections in two phases. In the first phase, the immunization program will be delivered to children across Java between August and September, while those who live outside Java will be vaccinated in August-September 2018.

To make Indonesia free from measles and rubella by 2020 is never a simple task. True progress may not be achieved in one election cycle, one lifetime or even in one generation. But the most important thing is that Jokowi’s government start and continue work on it.

“It’s a task for parents and a task for the government. God gives us children to be loved, educated, protected and nurtured particularly be kept away from dangerous and deadly diseases,” Jokowi noted.

My fellow Indonesians, let us always be on the move to protect our health.



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