A Teenager’s Journey from Cigarette Butts to Clarity: Choosing Health Over Smoke

Meet Riyan, a young student whose daily activities include gaming, assisting his parents, playing sports like soccer, and engaging in various other pursuits. He shared his compelling journey of battling the temptation to smoke and ultimately triumphing over it. 

Around couple months ago, He found himself in a situation that many young people can relate to – peer pressure. He decided to try smoking, starting with mini-cigarettes and puffing on discarded cigarette butts he found on the streets or around the local playground. Like so many others, curiosity and influence from friends led him down this path.

As he continued experimenting with smoking, he began to have doubts about this habit’s impact on his health. He realized that indulging in these small acts of smoking could be detrimental to his well-being. It was this crucial moment of reflection that marked the beginning of his journey towards quitting smoking.

One evening, after a bout of smoking, he headed to the soccer field for a game. It was during this match that he experienced a sensation he had never felt before – shortness of breath and tightness in his chest. It was a wake-up call, a direct consequence of his recent smoking habit. It was at that very moment that he made the decision to quit smoking for good.

From that day forward, he made a conscious effort to stay away from smoking and to avoid situations or people who encouraged it. He knew that his health and well-being were worth preserving, and he was determined to make positive choices for himself.

His story serves as an inspiration to young individuals who may find themselves tempted by smoking or other unhealthy habits. His journey demonstrates the power of self-awareness and resilience in making positive changes in one’s life. He chose health over temptation, and his story is a testament to the strength that lies within us all to overcome challenges and make healthier choices.

This article was sourced from a series of video voice, all featuring high school students from Jakarta. These videos delved into the lives, daily routines, and smoking habits of the students while shedding light on their perceptions of tobacco and tobacco marketing. To protect the anonymity and privacy of the video participant, names have been omitted in this article.

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