The Zika virus: is there a silver lining to our fear?

Zika, the mosquito-borne virus, has been declared an international health emergency by the WHO. The international agency reports tremendous healthcare costs waiting ahead as the virus travels across continents and countries, seemingly unstoppable. We can imagine the grown-up babies who are suffering from microcephaly – strongly linked with the Zika virus. It will be a hard life for them and their carers because microcephaly has been linked with problems such as developmental delays, intellectual disability, hearing loss, vision problems, and it can be life-threatening. But even this tragedy may have a silver lining.

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Share It to End It: Singapore bullying film shortens each time it is shared

An innovative approach to video sharing is engaging viewers in Singapore to reduce bullying. Singapore’s CABCY (Coalition Against Bullying for Children and Youth) together with the Harvest Centre for Research conducted nationwide research on bullying in Singapore in 2006. Data was collected from more…

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