Tulodo to partner with Kopernik on Fire Up Central Java Clean Cookstove project in Indonesia

As part of Indonesia’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and World Bank Clean Stove Initiative (CSI), Tulodo is partnering with Kopernik to market cleaner cookstoves to poor households in Central Java. Tulodo’s role on the Fire Up Central Java Cleaner Cookstove project is to design and…

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20 of the best videos to support social and behavior change

We’re working on a new advocacy video for a client and have been comparing those with a message on poverty or social change. Here are 20 of our favorites, let us know yours! GetUp Australia: It’s Time (marriage equality) The Girl Effect:…

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Welcome to Tulodo

Communities around the world face an unprecedented combination of issues that threaten their social, economic and cultural wellbeing. At the same time, there has never been such an enormous variety of information, tools and evidence available to deal with these…

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