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Tulodo_580x580Communities around the world face an unprecedented combination of issues that threaten their social, economic and cultural wellbeing. At the same time, there has never been such an enormous variety of information, tools and evidence available to deal with these issues. Yet many organizations still struggle to make an impact on the communities they aim to serve. And these organizations, as well as the international donors which support them, face increasing pressure to invest their limited resources wisely.

Social and behavior change theories and models are proven as effective approaches to achieve impact. Whether you’re trying to prevent malaria, address slavery, reduce household pollution or expand access to education, solutions require an understanding of information use, decision making and the barriers and benefits to change. Until now, most often only the best resourced of organizations have had access to the advice and services that enable them to design and implement more effective campaigns, programs and policies.

These organizations and individuals often have expertise in a particular technical area, eg. health or gender. They also often have years of experience, locally, regionally and nationally. Many have limited resources, whether because they are poor or perhaps they are starting a new initiative. Too often, despite their dedication and professionalism, many fall short of their own expectations, and fail to meet the needs of their communities and funders. They report common frustrations and ask similar questions, such as, “How can we improve our reach?”, or “Why can’t we move beyond creating awareness?”, or “What can we do to enable change to take place?”

Tulodo, therefore, aims to fill this gap by providing services that will enable organizations and individuals to produce more effective social and behavior change programs. This will include research, strategy, design and development, management, capacity building, evaluation and fundraising. We will also develop unique projects of our own, for which we encourage ideas and opportunities to collaborate. Welcome to Tulodo.

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