Australia’s National Preventive Health Research Strategy 2013-2018

The Australian National Preventive Health Agency (ANPHA*) has released its National Preventive Health Research Strategy (2013-2018). The model for this strategy is focused on knowledge supported by four interconnected blocks:

  1. Research: to support decisions and practice
  2. Supportive Systems: policies, funding mechanisms, information sharing, coalitions and data
  3. Culture: changing beliefs and patterns of behaviour
  4. People: enhancing skills, attitudes, mentoring and support systems, communities of practice

ANPHA National Preventive Health Research StrategyOur quick textual analysis reveals that behavioural approaches are present but somewhat buried. Also there is only one mention of social marketing in the introduction and none elsewhere. While media and industry are there, the strategy makes not one mention of the Internet, mobiles or technology. Finally, the success of this strategy will depend on the funding allocated to implement it. So far only $13.1 million has been allocated to the National Preventive Health Research Fund. In addition to this general approach to preventive health, ANPHA is developing specific research agendas for tobacco, obesity and alcohol harm.

*Disclosure: Tulodo’s Nicholas Goodwin has undertaken work for ANPHA. 

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