Safer Journeys: NZ drug driving campaign

The NZ Transport Agency has launched a new behavior change program to reduce the harm caused by drugged drivers. Safer Journeys aims to significantly reduce the incidence of drug-impaired driving, with fewer people losing their lives or suffering serious injuries. The same agency that brought us the highly acclaimed “Legend” campaign on drink driving, is now tackling the common practice of driving under the influence of drugs. Safer Journeys uses a funny, positive and shareable approach that doesn’t use shock or fear to engage its audience. NZTA research shows that showed that the most common drug people admit to using and then driving under the influence of is cannabis. Results from their national poll showed that 56% of respondents thought drug driving was a problem and 32% believed it was safe to use cannabis and then drive. This campaign has great potential for community mobilisation, including the use of social media, peer educators  and nudge techniques, such as in-store messaging in petrol stations.

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