Are smartphones…”better”…for the environment?

Mobile phones and other smart devices are helping us solve major public policy problems by providing direct personalised access to information. However according to the UNEP, the amount of e-waste being produced – including mobile phones and computers – could rise by as much as 500% over the next decade in some countries. In the making of computer equipmentContinue reading Are smartphones…”better”…for the environment?

PSI and Myanmar telcos to launch mobile health information service

According to the Myanmar Times, Population Services International (PSI) is working with telcos, Ooredoo and Telenor, to launch a mobile health app for pregnant women. This app will provide up to date information about health, antenatal care, health ministry services, nutrition, and even malaria prevention. According to a UN report, under-five mortality rates are estimated at 52 perContinue reading PSI and Myanmar telcos to launch mobile health information service

Introducing Tulodo’s AgentMaker system

Kochi, India: Irma Martam will introduce Tulodo’s new AgentMaker concept this week at the Global Health Conference on Social Marketing and Franchising. AgentMaker is an innovative mobile platform that enables managers to identify and develop effective change agents to deliver and monitor social and behavior change programs. We’re pretty excited to start this process of bringingContinue reading Introducing Tulodo’s AgentMaker system