Introducing Tulodo’s AgentMaker system

logo-GHSMR conf 2013Kochi, India: Irma Martam will introduce Tulodo’s new AgentMaker concept this week at the Global Health Conference on Social Marketing and Franchising. AgentMaker is an innovative mobile platform that enables managers to identify and develop effective change agents to deliver and monitor social and behavior change programs. We’re pretty excited to start this process of bringing it to market.

What we’ve found is that in almost every successful social and behavior change program, you will find change agents. These include the community health workers who provide reproductive health services, peer educators in schools educating on HIV prevention, as well as volunteers, leaders, extension workers and many others. Change agents are essential to every program’s success and sustainability. Why? Because they are local people with local knowledge who are trusted by their community.

Tulodo’s AgentMaker enables managers to send messages and other information to change agents to be disseminated to their communities, eg. types of contraception. In turn, change agents will send data to track impact, for example the numbers of households using different forms of contraception. Managers will also be able to use the AgentMaker system to build the capabilities of change agents and local organizations. We welcome your feedback and hope to see you at the conference.

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