It Takes a Family to Raise the Nation: Tulodo and Grand Challenges Canada to develop a family based health and relationship education kit for children in Indonesia

Tulodo Indonesia is pleased to announce support from Grand Challenges Canada to launch the Dolpin project, a family-based health and relationship teaching kit for urban poor children in Indonesia. Dolpin (Dolanan Pintar = “Smart Games”) is aimed at families with children aged 5-9 years, bringing health and relationship education to the home that can be delivered by parents as easily as bedtime storytelling. Dolpin has the potential to help address health, safety and other social issues that help protect children as the future prosperity of the nation.

Investment in young people is critical for the prosperity of Indonesia. Indonesia’s 65 million young people aged 10 to 24 comprise 28% of the population. What people learn about health and relationships when they are young children has direct impact on their development as young people and adults. Teen pregnancies, family conflict and trauma can often prevented. However, parents and other caregivers lack the skills and confidence to provide health and relationship education to their children.


The project will develop and test an education kit prototype with 20 families in Jakarta. (Photo credit: Monica Christy)

Through our survey of parents of Early Childhood Education School (PAUD) students in Kemayoran district, Central Jakarta, we found nearly half the respondents had never talked about health and relationship issues with their 4-6 year old children. However, 100% of them agreed that this information must be passed to their children through a reliable source – parents and caregivers. Importantly, 94% of parents are willing to teach and share the information to their children but lack the tools and confidence to do so.

Through Tulodo’s process of behaviour centred design (BCD), we will design and test a prototype of Dolpin with 20 families in Jakarta. Dolpin will help children to obtain the correct information on health and relationships and avoid the wrong kind. With Dolpin we will test the hypothesis that families – big or small, “modern” or traditional – are in the best position to teach children knowledge and values around these important issues.

With support from Grand Challenges Canada, Dolpin’s unique approach will bring together diverse stakeholders to co-create an important new Indonesian initiative. We look forward to sharing Dolpin’s progress and results with you soon.

Dolpin is supported by Grand Challenges Canada, which is funded by the Government of Canada.

Reports can be found below

  • Beta Product Testing Report: link
  • Interim Report: link
  • Interim Report – Prototype Testing: link
  • Interim Report – Formative Research: link


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