Creating, Accessing and Sharing Value: Social marketing evidence and experience from Indonesia, Timor-Leste and Bangladesh

Nicholas Goodwin, Director, Tulodo Indonesia at ISMC Singapore

Nick Goodwin (Director, Tulodo Indonesia) and Lamberto Pinto (Sanitation Program Manager, Partnership for Human Development, Timor-Leste were recently featured as speakers at the 2018 International Social Marketing Conference (ISMC) in Singapore. The panel discussed how to create, access and share value to help bring about sustainable change in communities, based on evidence and experience from Indonesia, Timor-Leste and Bangladesh.

In their session, Dr Goodwin and Mr. Pinto discussed how social marketing programs create, share and communicate value to sustain behaviour change. Traditionally, ideas of consumer value have been drawn from economic theory that defined it as a function of benefits and costs as part of the supply/demand dynamic. Alternative perspectives focus on the experience of value during the consumer journey in which people actively co-create value with other actors. If we understand the exchanges of value that people are prepared to enter into, we can design better services and sustain human development outcomes.

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Lamberto Pinto, WASH Program Manager, Partnership for Human Development, Timor-Leste

Dr Goodwin and Mr. Pinto also reflected on their recent work in both research and service delivery. Dr Goodwin discussed the principles of Behaviour Centred Design (BCD) and reflected on recent work in Indonesia on legal identity, such as promoting birth certificates; and in Bangladesh on two randomised controlled trials on clean cookstoves and nutrition. Mr. Pinto discussed the Open Defecation Free program and Moris Moos (Clean Life) Hygienic Initiative in Timor-Leste, including engagement with the local community, government and implementing partners. The panel also challenged the audience to reflect on their own experiences and current work, to think about how they could create and share value.

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