The art and science of good storytelling: That Sugar Film

Damon has a lot of questions, especially about sugar. He knows junk food is bad for him but he’s heard different things about how much sugar is really in “healthy” food. And he’s curious about the effects on his body. He decides to find out and share his learning experience by making a documentary – That Sugar Film. Let’s take a look at this form of communications and how it engages its audiences.

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The Zika virus: is there a silver lining to our fear?

Zika, the mosquito-borne virus, has been declared an international health emergency by the WHO. The international agency reports tremendous healthcare costs waiting ahead as the virus travels across continents and countries, seemingly unstoppable. We can imagine the grown-up babies who are suffering from microcephaly – strongly linked with the Zika virus. It will be a hard life for them and their carers because microcephaly has been linked with problems such as developmental delays, intellectual disability, hearing loss, vision problems, and it can be life-threatening. But even this tragedy may have a silver lining.

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3 Things you might not know about working with celebrities on social issues

When Fu Yuanhui, the Chinese swimmer at the Rio Olympic Games, talked about her menstruation as a performance factor, she was the latest in a long line of celebrities playing a role in social and behavior change. In contrast to product promotion, involving celebrities in social campaigns can be even more complicated. But the good news is celebrities can also be very effective. Not only do they attract attention to an issue, e.g. climate change, but the involvement of a celebrity can provide a model for change that enables us to learn a new behavior, like recycling. So how does this work?

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