Indonesia’s Minister for Health calls on Muslims to quit smoking during Ramadhan

Nafsiah Mboi tobacco free dayIndonesia’s Minister for Health, Dr Nafsiah Mboi, called on smokers, in conjunction with the holy month of Ramadan, to say no to smoking during the day, as well as the night. During Ramadhan, Muslims were expected to refrain from eating and various other acts during the day.

Dr Mboi also encouraged the nation’s Muslims to avoid and reduce eating fatty foods, salt, and other foods that cause diabetes, cholesterol and other health problems. “In order to greet the holy month of Ramadhan, let us together make a move towards a clean and healthy lifestyle,” invited the Minister for Health. An analysis of Jamkesmas and Askes, Indonesia’s health and social insurance funds, found that treating these diseases accounted for the largest spending and are continuously growing. In 2011 Askes spent IDR 2.1 trillion (USD 190 million), and in 2012 this rose to IDR 2.7 trillion (USD 278 million). Indonesia’s spend on prevention will hopefully also rise to address the diet and lifestyle changes that have helped cause the rise in obesity and related conditions.

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Nicholas Goodwin

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