Innovations in Social and Behavior Change in Indonesia

SocialMarketing seminar 20Jan16Earlier today at the Luwansa Hotel in Jakarta, Tulodo, together with BeeHives and Simply Sensible, hosted a breakfast seminar  on social marketing focused on innovations in social and behavior change. The hosts conducted a small experiment before the event by testing whether people would take the stairs or the lift from the hotel lobby. The messages were that if you want to be healthy you should take the stairs, but for convenience and speed you should take the lift. 25% of participants took the stairs while 75% took the lift. This provided a spark for many questions about audience, benefits, messages and channels that the hosts then covered in the seminar sessions.

After the opening, Tulodo’s Nick Goodwin presented an introduction to social marketing, based on his insights from programs in Indonesia and beyond, including clean cooking, reproductive health and handwashing with soap. Irma Martam, from Indonesia’s BeeHives, in collaboration with Simply Sensible from Singapore – Ati Sinaga and Ira Pratignyo – gave a presentation on social listening, with a case study on Indonesia’s breastfeeding movement. The guest speaker, Ross Gordon, Associate Professor at the Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia then presented on strategic social marketing – the state of play and reflection on the future. The event was sold out with standing room only. The 58 participants were from UN organizations, embassies, nonprofits, and the private sector, including UNFPA, Australia’s DFAT, Unilever, The Dendrite Group, BNI, Wardah, ICRC, and many others. It is clear that social marketing and behavior change communications are hot topics, with organisations seeking to maximise their impact, make better use of their limited resources and differentiate themselves from competitors. Stay tuned for more events, please contact us if you have any specific needs with which we can help you.

The event used the social media hashtag: #socmarID

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